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Parts Washers

Aqueous Parts Washers use pressurized hot water and specialized detergents with rust inhibitors to clean parts automatically.
Increase Productivity- Save Time and Save Money
Many industries such as automotive and truck repair, metal working, machinery, and aerospace have come to rely on aqueous parts washers to reduce operation costs and increase productivity.

Instead of scrubbing parts by hand, service and repair technicians can simply load dirty parts, turn the wash timer dial and walk away to return focus on other work while parts are being clean.  This not only increases your revenues but protects your workers from nasty solvents and manual scrubbing. Northstar Clean Concepts offers specially formulated biodegradable detergents for use in aqueous parts washers.  Since no harsh solvents are used, you save the cost of disposal fees.  These detergents are designed not only to clean parts quicker, but protect parts from corrosion.

To learn if a parts washer can clean your parts quicker and make you money, Contact Northstar Clean Concepts at 509.779.2220.
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