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Waste Oil Fired Furnaces

Clean Heat, Big Savings
With the rapid increase of natural gas, propane, electricity and heating fuel cost we are all in need of alternatives that reduce overhead and operational costs.  Why pay those expensive heating bills when you can use heating fuel that you generate on site.  Don't pay someone to haul away the one thing that you can use to save money.

Our flex-oil heating systems, storage tanks and recycle centers eliminate extra handling and transportation of used oils; help avoid the possibility of used oils entering our water supplies; and save your business money by turning used petroleum products into clean, safe, FREE HEAT. 

All Clean Energy furnaces are engineered from the ground up to burn waste motor oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic oils and other petroleum products while complying with all EPA regulations.  They install easily and provide for longer intervals between cleanings.  The low-profile design and flexible configuration is ideal for areas with limited ceiling height and other creative installation requirements.  

Best of all, every Clean Energy waste oil furnace is built with our unique, patent-pending heat exchanger and flue tubes.  This design ensures long-lasting durability and highly efficient operation for years to come.  Start saving money today, furnace pricing starts at $3499.

If you could use a little more heat and a little more green, give us a call at 509.779.2220 or contact us online today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.
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